How it works

Pay Guarantee

Consignful guarantees on time monthly payments for any of your products sold. Never chase payments again!

Store Profiles

Get all of the info you need in one place of the stores you wish to consign to. Store images, social links, descriptions,  & more for you to assess ‘good fit’.

Data & Reporting

Get an itemized list of what sold every month (eventually in real-time!). Easily keep track of inventory and what the store has in stock. 

Sell your products to thousands of stores

Consignful brings top retailers to you all in one place. Get storefront exposure without worry about rent, staffing and more.

Manage your existing consignors

Do you already have existing consignor stores? Easily manage them in one place with our suite of tools that makes consignment easy.

The Consignful Insurance

Stolen, broken, and damaged goods are the responsibility of the retailer. Payment for these items is guaranteed.

You’re in Control

You control your products prices, consigned products & quantities, and any merchandising rules. 

Higher Margins

Get higher profit margins than if you were to sell through wholesale channels.

Retailer Longevity

Eliminating inventory risk for the retailers allow them to continue working with you for a longer time.

You got questions, we have answers.

What's the cost to use Consignful?

Consignful is free to use for any of your existing consignment customers and retailers. There are no upfront fees to use Consignful. Consignful charges a 12% commission on total sales generated. For example, if your retailer sells $100 worth of product in a month, Consignful would get a $12 cut and the other $88 would be split between the brand and retailer based on the agreed terms.

What is the commission split for the brand and retailer?

As the brand, you control the commission split you would like on your products. The minimum consignment fee you can charge is 50% up to a maximum of 70%. You will also have the option of charging different commission rates for different stores you would like to work with.

What kind of brands can use Consignful?

Any brand can use Consignful whether you’re a stationery brand, clothing brand or a snack product and more. Consignful is a great growth channels for brands whether you’re working on getting your products into your first physical retailer or you’re a veteran who’s been selling to stores for years. 

What is the application process?

Once you apply for an account and are accepted, you will be able to set-up your store and profile or we can set-up it for you (just send us your photography, product details and business description). You can choose to upload your entire catalog or select products that you would like to consign.

How do the inventory reports work?

At the end of each month, the retailer will input an inventory count of the products they have on hand. Our software will determine the number of units sold and seamlessly track your inventory from restocks to returns.

How does shipping work?

Brands are responsible for any shipping fees for products sent to the retailer. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the brand when you request a return, and are the responsibility of the retailer when they issue a return. 

How do returns work?

All products consigned must be held by the retailer for at least 3 months (with the exception of seasonal items) before it can be returned to the brand. The retailer or brand can issue or request a return anytime after the 3 month period. Return shipping labels can easily be generated through Consignful.

How does payout work?

Brands get paid out on a monthly basis once the retailer submits their inventory report. Consignful will then remit the payments (after any applicable commissions) into your bank account.

Can I use Consignful for my existing consignment accounts?

Consignful’s suite of consignment tools are completely free to use for any of your existing customers.